Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Valentine's Day Present

I have the wonderful joy of currently raising a 17 month old son. My wife and I could not be happier or prouder of the way our little guy has turned out so far. He consistently brings laughter and joy to our lives and like I'm sure most parents say he is incredibly smart. I can't wait till he gets old enough that and we can take him to such great museums and battlefields as well as great cities of history like Boston and Washington D.C.

In light of that my wonderful wife got me for Valentine's Day a gift that will aid in my pursuit of making my son a fan of history and specifically early American history like I am. Other not exactly toddler age age type books I will nonetheless be reading them to my 17 month old son tonight. 

The following is a link to one of the books I got which I would highly recommend for your children. 

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