Sunday, September 9, 2018

Rethinking Porkopolis

"It was Cincinnati that originated and perfected the system which packs fifteen bushels of corn into a pig, and packs that pig into a barrel, and sends him over the mountains and over the ocean to feed mankind." - favorite sentiment of Cincinnatians in the late 19th century. (referenced)

Cincinnati, Ohio in the early 19th century was the center of the pork industry. So much pork ran through that city it became known around the world as "Porkopolis." Various research has been done on this time period & industry, however I wanted to focus on a project developed by Dr. Robert Gioiello from the University of Cincinnati, Blue Ash Campus called "Rethinking Porkopolis." I would encourage you to look at the link below which shows you all the panels from the exhibit. I had the pleasure of sitting down and listening to Dr Gioiello speak about the Ecology of Race and its connection to the Cincinnati Pork Industry. I encourage you to spend a few minutes and learn about a subject you did not think was as important as it actually was.

"Rethinking Porkopolis"

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