Monday, December 7, 2009

Family Geneology

Being that there have been no posting since Veterans Day I felt it necessary to explain the reason why. Over the last few weeks I have been researching my family history in my spare time. After seeing a commercial for and visiting the website,, I believed it important for me to begin the research and study of my past, answering the questions of who I am and what is my past.

Despite only spending a few weeks of spare time going through the website and its vast array of resources I have been able to track my father's family line all the back to the 18th century. These discoveries and current lack of new information has sparked a curiosity in me of my past that I never knew existed. I am so excited about discovering more information and learning where I came from and the type of people in my family tree.

For anyone that considers themselves a lover of history then this is an exercise I highly suggest taking on. Not only will you learn new and exciting things but I'm beginning to see a need for the amateur or professional historian to learn about their own past. It has given me a greater appreciation for the storied past of others.
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