Saturday, December 7, 2013


I would like to welcome everyone to the Carnivalseque! If you are unfamiliar Carnivalseque is an interdiscipinary blog carnival dedicated to pre-modern history. Every six weeks or so a new blogger hosts the carnival from nominations that are received. I've been fairly dormant on my blog over the last 6-8 months due to a career change which, as excited as I am, has taken a considerable amount of my free time. Hosting has forced me to get back to reading and writing about history, which I so dearly love. So let's get started.

Title: Archaeology and History: A Fruitful Dialogue?
& The Great Divide? Historians, Archeologists and the Interpretation of the Past
Blog: History Matters @unishefhistory
Author: Charles West & Hugh Willmott
What an appropriate way to start our Carnivalesque with the discussion of archaeologists versus historians. Sometimes there can be a revival or even animosity between the two disciplines. A series here by the Department of History highlights why early medieval history is "blessed, not cursed, to have two vibrant intellectual traditions working on the same period of time."

Title: How to Make a Cooked Bird Sing, c. 1450
Blog: Ask the Past advice from old books @askthepast
Author: Elizabeth Archibald
Posted for Thanksgiving Day this is hilarious and I promise you won't be disappointed when you read it. Anything I write here will not do it justice.

Title: F - Facial Reconstruction
Blog: Hx: Leppers, Lancets, Lobotomies
Author: Paul Middleton
There are some pictures in this that are pretty graphic however if you are interested in a brief history of facial reconstruction which dates back to 1597 then this is for you.

Title: When and How Geology Became a Science
Blog: The Renaissance Mathematicus @rmathematicus
Author: Thony Cristie
The history of geology as a science has in important role in the disciplines that we study. Tied nicely with the History Matter posts on archeology and history this posts focuses on how geology became a science. It even provides some great links a fuller look into this subject.

Title: Oliver Cromwell: God's Warrior and the English Revolution
Blog: A Trumper of Sedition @portal_romanesc
Author: Keith
This is an excellent book review about Oliver Cromwell written by Professor Ian Gentles.

We did not get as many nominations as I had hoped but still we have some great blogs here on various disciplines that are worth reading. Please feel free to comment on additionally great blogs you have read over the last few months that would fit great into the world of Carnivalseque.


  1. All of these look like they will be an interesting read. I was looking to read something this weekend and I think I'll just go with these.


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