Wednesday, March 20, 2013

History Links: History Here App

There are very few apps out that about history that have grabbed my attention. Typically I find them to be very shallow and un-informing for an individual who studies history. The History Channel however has created a fantastic app for finding historical places to visit, and it's right at your finger-tips. It is called "History Here" and like many apps it searches the location you are in and displays a map which identifies all possible historical sites nearest to you. The map is highly interactive giving you the ability to scroll anywhere in the United States and search for red arrows marking locations of interest. If you touch one of these red icons it displays what is located at that spot, including address, phone number, and a summary of why it is historical. The app even allows you to switch between map and satellite, read through all historical sites nearby in a list format over scanning a map, even the ability to suggest a historical site be added.

This is the ultimate history travel guide. You have no need to search the internet or purchase guides if all you are looking for is a window into the world of history. The only thing I believe this app is missing is the ability to mark a location, Visited. You could write comments on your experience, add personal photos for others to see, even the red icon to change to green once it is marked that you visited it. Over all I would highly suggest the getting this app and using it on your next great adventure.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

YouTube History: American Revolution

I encourage everyone to watch these old "Schoolhouse Rock" videos to learn about history and government. I learned so much watching them when I was young.

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