Sunday, June 5, 2011

National Parks Passport

About four years ago when I was visiting Fort Sumter in South Carolina with family I came across the the National Parks Passport book. It is a booklet which allows visitors who go to any of the National Park to stamp their book with the exact day and location of your visit. At first I thought the idea was pretty cheesy. About 2 years earlier I was visiting historical sites with my father and someone showed us the passport book and how it worked. I felt the idea seemed a little childish so I decided against it. Now I wish I had purchased it years ago. This is a fantastic way to memorialize the visits you make throughout the country. Being a history guy its a great way to remind me of the many historical sites that I have visited and the many places I have yet to go. Plus my first child is on the way and I am looking forward to the time in which I can purchase a passport book for them and together we can collect our stamps and memories of all the wonderful places we visited together. It is such an excellent item to purchase and I highly recommend getting one as soon as possible.

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